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Carl T. Bergstrom and Lee Alan Dugatkin

Evolution presents foundational concepts through a contemporary framework of population genetics and phylogenetics that is enriched by current research and stunning art. Every chapter has been updated to provide a more focused, accessible introduction to core topics reflecting exciting new research, anthropogenic evolution examples, and increased emphasis on building data literacy. These emphases are reinforced by InQuizitive, which was revised and expanded to include more questions that involve interpreting evolutionary data and engaging with contemporary research. Third Edition, 2023 W. W. Norton

Calling Bullshit

Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin D. West

It’s increasingly difficult to know what’s true. Misinformation, disinformation, and fake news abound. Our media environment has become hyperpartisan. Science is conducted by press release. Startup culture elevates bullshit to high art. We are fairly well equipped to spot the sort of old-school bullshit that is based in fancy rhetoric and weasel words, but most of us don’t feel qualified to challenge the avalanche of new-school bullshit presented in the language of math, science, or statistics. In Calling Bullshit, Professors Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West give us a set of powerful tools to cut through the most intimidating data. Coming August 4th, 2020 from Random House.