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Complete research papers, 2021-present

Evolutionary consequences of delaying intervention for monkeypox

Philip Johnson, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Epidemiology, Evolution and Medicine, Evolution

Science Education in an Age of Misinformation

Jonathan Osborne, Daniel Pimental, et al.


Why ex post peer review encourages high-risk research while ex ante review discourages it

Kevin Gross and Carl T. Bergstrom

Science of Science, Information theory, Philosophy

Reply to Cheong and Jones: The role of science in responding to collective behavioral threats

Joe Bak-Coleman and Carl T. Bergstrom


Model-driven mitigation measures for reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ryan S. McGee, Julian R. Homberger, et al.

Epidemiology, Networks

Stewardship of global collective behavior

Joe Bak-Coleman, Mark Alfano, et al.


Misinformation in and about science

Jevin D. West and Carl T. Bergstrom

Misinformation, Philosophy