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Complete research papers, 2016-2020

Predicting an epidemic trajectory is difficult

Claus O. Wilke and Carl T. Bergstrom


Signals without teleology

Carl T. Bergstrom, Simon Huttegger, and et al.

Communication, Game theory

Contact-tracing apps are not a solution to the COVID-19 crisis

Ashkan Soltani, Ryan Calo, et al.


Information gerrymandering in social networks skews collective decision-making

Carl T. Bergstrom and Joseph Bak-Coleman

Misinformation, Network theory

Contest models highlight inherent inefficiencies of scientific funding competitions

Kevin Gross and Carl T. Bergstrom

Science of Science, Economics, Game Theory

Science of Science

Santo Fortunato, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Science of Science, Bibliometrics

Men set their own cites high: Gender and self-citation across fields and over time

Molly M. King, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Science of Science, Bibliometrics

Publication bias and the canonization of false facts

Silas Boye Nissen, Tali Magidan et al.

Science of Science,Philosophy

Adaptive behavior can produce maladaptive anxiety due to individual differences in experience

Frazer Meacham and Carl T. Bergstrom

Evolutionary Medicine, Evolution

Static ranking of scholarly papers using Article-Level EigenFactor (ALEF)

Ian Wesley-Smith, Carl T. Bergstrom, and Jevin West

Bibliometrics, Information Theory, Network Theory

A recommendation system based on hierarchical clustering of an article-level citation network

Jevin West, Ian Wesley-Smith, and Carl T. Bergstrom

Bibliometrics, Information Theory, Network Theory

Depression and anxiety: maladaptive byproducts of adaptive mechanisms

Carl T. Bergstrom and Frazer Meacham

Evolutionary Medicine, Evolution